the cmc.

so, i figure since i made it through my first week (more or less comfortably–though, admittedly, pretty comfortably) i should probably make a blogpost.

my first class of the week is on mondays and it’s a legal analysis class. my professor is an attorney as well, i’ve forgotten in what specifically, but the class overall seems very interesting. nothing i can’t handle, obviously, but pretty rigorous nonetheless. she advised that throughout the span of the class we’d be looking into cases more specifically, understanding the jurisdiction some courts have over others, and that got me thinking. because, well, of course the supreme court doesn’t even take a percentage of the cases brought to them, but then i guess my suspicion was in why they pick the ones they do. you see cases like roe v. wade or brown v. board of education and you think, what sets them apart legally to put them to higher jurisdiction over all of the other cases they’re given. the answer? how it affects the population as a whole. it’s an interesting concept to comprehend, and you really can’t until you’ve picked apart every possible outcome, from every angle. the total conclusion has to affect the majority of the united states. that’s crazy to me, to only take a case because of the political and public uproar that it would cause. what’s even crazier is that potentially, any case has possibility to end up creating a conclusion that massive. coincidentally, there’s a name for that too. superseding cause. to explain it in terms i best can, it’s the breaking of the connection of the liability of the defendant to the plaintiff. in simpler words, it’s a piece of evidence so unpredictable, that easily could be the reason for the result of the event, but meaning the defendant couldn’t have known any different. to explain, say you’re walking down the street and throw your finished semi-lit cigarette on the ground, and continue on. a few moments later, you hear and are caught in the flames of a car caught on fire, injuring several people who then try to sue, but it was because of you. the car was old, leaking a little bit the way old cars do, and your lit cigarette against gasoline… well i’m no expert, but i mean. ouch. you’d be the one to blame, technically. but how could you have possibly foreseen that your cigarette wasn’t going to go out against the cement and that a car would just-so-happen to roll over it and cause an explosion, resulting in all kinds of injuries and casualties? you were just walking home from the store…

my tuesday class is legal procedure (two). i can’t say much about this class because it’s really just a manual-ish type class. how to draft things a certain way, where to find reference to something, etc. but he did make it clear to: a.) bring your book every class b.) we’re taking a quiz on valentines day (cool, works for me). c.) we need to *actually* read the book, because we’re going to be called upon at random, so we have to be prepared. eh, for me, it’s not that big a deal. i’m already on chapter 3, so i dare him to do his worst. he probably will, i’m pretty argumentative.

lastly but not least, i have my favorite class! only my favorite because, if there’s such a thing as an easy law class, this one may have to be it. since my firm is civil defense litigation, everything i’m learning makes complete sense. it’s interesting, though, since i’m on the defensive, i’m learning from the opposing side, and i’m somewhat working zig zag. not backwards, no. zig zag. can’t explain why though, it’s just very much logically similar but opposite. i guess you’d just have to know to know.

other than that, once again, my job is to die for. every day i get that much more excited for what’s to come. my CFO even came up to me and told me that if anything, i have a leg-up on my classmates because i have a whole law firm to my disposal. i feel like a 6 year old on a playground, except i’m not in sand i’m in the judge’s chambers.

well, that’s all i have for now, but psst my birthday may or may not (may. definitely may) be on february 13th. so if you’re still figuring out what i want, i like pitbull puppies and i like mont blanc pens. that’s really all. not too much to ask, if you ask me…

also, “cmc” is case management conference. wonder why i’d title the post that? hmm… guess we’ll never know, will we?

until next time!

x. L|V

insta: @btehany



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