the (pre)nup

so i haven’t really posted anything in a bit– don’t think it’s one of those new year’s resolutions we start and get into for like a week then completely disregard, because it’s not. actually, quite the opposite. i’ve just been waiting for school to start before i really go into it because that’s where i’m going to kind of reiterate, and kind of ask you (yes you, well, initially me, but since you’re reading this, we’re going to say you) about what we went over in class, things i thought were interesting, cases we’re learning about, etc. and since the semester doesn’t start until january 30th (i know, what the hell?) i’ve just been working! which has been a blast i must say. i love my coworkers and they all really seem to like me. i’ve only screwed up at least 50 times, but hey, they’ve kept me this long already, (it’s my style- which, psssst, i’m thinking of hiring a photographer to do a daily or routinely consistent outfit photoshoot with how i present myself on a daily basis- aka the “vuitton” in my lawyervuitton) so i can’t complain.

the firm itself is really interesting as well, and i of course won’t go into details of what we deal with- (wow, she’s good at writing *and going on tangents* yet still understands confidentiality? crazy!) but i absolutely adore it. i’ve done what i wanted to do before i started, and i’ve picked out not necessarily my favorite attorneys and paralegals but moreso the ones i gravitate towards more, only for reasons opposing being because they’re either shy themselves or i never see them, and it’s already so comfortable. i can tell these are going to be the people i can see myself moving forward with and my schedule is still so comfortable! i’ve also never worked somewhere for my birthday so i’m excited to see the cute gifts i already know some of them are going to get me. but anyways, half way through my employment i already realized i had enough downtime while working to study on top of it, so, i started to bring in one of my old textbooks. initially, i, being the person i am, decided to get 4 chapters ahead into the textbook before the class even started (and this wouldn’t be such an issue if i wasn’t a color coder to the extreme – i’m talking 7-8 different colors on a page also determined by if the color was a highlighter or a pen with underlining, and what the indentation on the side of the paper was (-, *, [..] type things) and if you asked me what anything was on the page, i could tell you, describe it to you, then give you an example. don’t believe me?

you: hey bethany, what’s the pink highlighter for? – the pink highlighter is the definition of a word.

the pink pen underlining? – an example of the definition.

yellow highlighter? – usually the key topics of what the concept being talked about is.

black pen underlining? the key concept within the key topic

blue highlighter gravitates towards the plaintiff and the blue pen is the example’s key points of where the plaintiff comes into play

green highlighter and green pen are the same, but for the defendant

… and the list goes on..

way on.

so you see, i did this, before the class even started. i get to class, 20 minutes of sitting and it gets cancelled. but, it’s law, right? so i’m going to have to learn it eventually.

i started studying it at work, and it’s about adr. which is alternative dispute resolution. it’s actually pretty interesting honestly, because it’s kind of the base of, well, law. not to discredit the other subcategories but i mean, lawyers are hired because of disputes, or the potential of such. so, alternative dispute resolution is kind of the way it works. and how.

i mean, there’s methods of how to deal with every fight, because i’m not going to argue a criminal on trial for death the same way i would a kid who got caught smoking weed and was too off the shits to talk to the feds the right way. or maybe i would.




anywho, it’s kind of cool learning the ulterior motives and how to predict them mentally and already have a thought out plan for where to go as soon as they realize what you knew they were going to, exactly when you knew they were going to do it.

did that make sense? no? was that my law self talking, because honestly i do this so much i don’t even know what people don’t even understand anymore. and i think everyone goes along with it because they’re like “oh, yeah, this seems kind of cool, oh, what? — wait what did she just say? oh right, the cool word”. yeah. the word is cool, i agree. but the definition is definitely cooler. see what i did there?

i would go into more but there’s not much more to update on! but i love how my days are spent and it’s only getting better from here.

talk soon! (once school starts)

x. L|V

insta: @btehany



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