The Litigation Assistant


that’s my job title now! i even left a sticky note on my desk saying “smile, you’re living your dream” and that basically sums up how i’m feeling. today was my first day at my new law firm, and i can’t even explain how excited i am to start working there.

to my (dis?)advantage, though still living less than 6 miles away from the firm, i’m not able to go to my house for lunch anymore *sigh*. but, on the bright side, my day’s don’t even start until 12:30. which is so nice especially with classes starting in a few weeks, i’ll be able to finish up the last bit of homework right before i can go to work. i loved working that 8-5 but i’m pretty stoked to say i don’t have to anymore, just because now at least i have a little more time to kind of study and not stress out (because believe it or not, i was probably the most stressed out i’d ever been during finals, solely because i didn’t have the time to study).

my coworkers all seem so nice and genuine, and of course they all like me. i am, in fact, probably the easiest person to relate to because i’m comfortable in any situation and am comfortable with speaking to an authority figure. i don’t really see authoritative instruction as someone above me. i have always been under the impression that they’re training you to one day fill their position, so i don’t necessarily have an uncomfortable level, with anyone, really.

anyways, getting back into how my day went, it was great and i really do think i’ll enjoy working there, and i really do see myself there for 4 years then becoming a handling attorney for them, so i can only have high hopes for my future!

even better, now i may start going on runs in the morning since i have the time! (i’m probably getting carried away) i’m usually up around 6:30-7:00am every day only because of my natural body clock. which isn’t bad, i actually would prefer to be up earlier because i’ve already been well into my day by 8am and most people haven’t even seen the light of it.

i’m excited to see what’s in the near and far future, seeing as now i already feel so warmly welcomed. today was a great day, and 2017 is shaping up to be my best year yet, and i can’t wait to see what’s in store! talk to you soon.

x. L|V

twitter: @lawyervuitton

insta: @btehany



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