The Yearly Horoscope:

damn, i woke up and it was 2017. can you believe that? the kids born in the 2000’s are almost legal. almost out of high school actually. what the hell?

in january, a lot is changing dramatically. i’m starting at a new job, though i’ve had the position waiting for me for about a month now. (i start on the 4th!), and of course, classes are going to be starting back up again. this semester, i’m taking a civil litigation class, the 2nd legal procedure class, and legal analysis. needless to say, i’m so stoked to get back to school again! i’m aiming for that 4.0 since that’s what i was able to pull out of my ass last semester, so fingers crossed- you cross ’em too! – that i can do it, or, we can do it, because i am bringing you along for the ride, aren’t i? *wink*

february is my birthday month, so obviously i’m already stressed in what i should do for the occasion. maybe i’ll travel somewhere. that’s usually how i’ve always done it, since my birthday always used to fall over the “mid-winter” break that my district would have. college i don’t think rolls that way, and unfortunately, my special day is on a monday. *sigh*. i’m hoping that the first two months of the year bring me close to my supervising attorneys, because god knows i’m probably going to cry at least 8 times over stress because i don’t understand something in my classes, (according to my boyfriend, that’s usually how it goes regardless, so sorry baby!) and i’m inevitably going to need help. even better, the law firm was created by two women! ugh. i remember going into the interview talking with the CFO, asking about the history of the company, and he started telling me the story of how two women wanted to create a law firm that dealt with civil defense litigation, specifically pertaining to that of construction. because not only are they these badass attorneys, but they deal with a subject usually (for the most part) occupied by men. imagine that, and this is how the CFO put it, “two women, sitting in a deposition room with 40 some chairs, all sat in by men, and two women are the ones in charge. in a court room, arguing against a 100+:2 ratio. and who wins? two. women.” and i swear, that was the most inspiring thing i had ever heard. anyone who knows me knows that i’ve wanted to be an attorney all my life. all. my. life. and for some reason, it’s really the only thing i will never get tired of. i could cry writing this (i won’t, i promise) but i really do hope you love something or someone as much as i love law. and i hope you run like the wind with it once you do. **what a tangent, i’m sorry- i do that when i talk about law. i really do it all the time…someone’s gotta say something at some point. please, because i will end up crying eventually when explaining why i love it *so* much. i’m serious. (no, seriously.)

march is my boyfriend’s birthday month! and as if the stress from my classes or my own birthday aren’t going to completely eat me alive, now i’ve got to worry about his. he’s the worst to shop for because he doesn’t really mind any gift. i bought him a fossil watch for christmas, only after finding out that his mom got him a fitbit. (i learned a looooong time ago not to cross the mother when in a relationship with her son.) he’s an aries. does that explain it? i don’t know, maybe they gravitate towards me, but i’m surrounded by them. because then we have april, and guess whose birthday is there?

my mother’s. april 9th. by this time, i’ll hopefully have made it alive to see spring break, and more than likely be studying for midterms/finals and can’t even enjoy it (or, knowing me and my study habits, – probably not have any work and still take 6 hours a day to get 4 more chapters ahead of the class than i probably already was).

may and june will most likely mesh together, now that i’ve got no birthdays to worry about, but will have finals/summer semester classes. that’s how my life goes. i love law school. does anyone say that? i don’t know, i love love love it. i used to sit in my classes so genuinely interested in what’s being taught, because law to me is the art of “getting away with stuff” – thanks kylie, i know 2016 was the year of realizing stuff, so i guess this would be the 2.0, yeah? the general population will never understand that attorneys are trained to study not how to argue, but how to loophole the situation. and it’s interesting, because there’s no right way to do it. every attorney specializes at their own perspective within a lawsuit, and that’s where you see debate. that’s the interesting part. what spin is Justin going to put on this case? the judge’s interest is peaked because he brought in a professional. i didn’t know the plaintiff was actually guilty because the professional proved the runaway car was occupied by them literally proven by the three tire tracks against a dirt road. did you? who would? that’s the thing. you never know, and once you do know, you better hope you have the next spin in the other direction, or you just lost the case. yikes.

july is my dad’s birthday month, but i’m not anxious because he never wants to do anything, plus usually we just go on vacation for his. but that being said, i hope we go somewhere tropical. you don’t know how long i’ve been wanting to go to the maldives. and if my family doesn’t make a trip there soon, i’m saying fuck it. i’m going by myself. consequently, if that’s what i do, i’ll either, a.) end up on a beach with a piña colada, a book (probably a damn law textbook knowing me), and realize i never want to leave. or b.) same as a., except i actually don’t leave. oops. but we’ll cross those waters when we get to it.

come on, give me some credit for the word play. it’s really not going to get any better.

as the fall months come around, assuming the rest of the year goes as planned (it won’t- but for the blog post’s sake, let’s say it does) i’ll have my paralegal certification. once i have that, i can finally start billing for my hours! and to say i’m a paralegal at 19 isn’t half bad either. i’ll also be thinking about where to transfer to for grad school. i was thinking colorado. mainly because when i lived in seattle, don’t get me wrong, i hated it, but i absolutely loved the weather. instead of pch in malibu where you can literally park along the freeway and just venture off the rocks onto the beach, we had that, except it was mountains. god. i remember that’s what my friends and i would do all the time. on saturdays after having a sleepover the night prior, we’d be gearing up in the cutest little tumblr babe outfits and go hiking. i’m talking spacebuns, stickers, cameras, everything. and i loved that, but i don’t want to go back to seattle. colorado is gorgeous scenery wise, and has those 4 seasons i can’t go without. california sucks in that way. i can’t do this sunny 350/365 days of the year. it’s not winter at 65° F. okay, it is, only because i still acted like it was, wearing black stiletto thigh-high heels, a black dress, and an accent mustard-yellow infinity scarf. but you know, that’s just because i’m extra. it’s fine.

around the holiday months, i really don’t know what to predict; as if these predictions will be anywhere near accurate- with all the twists and turns life throws, but these months in specific i’m not really sure. i’m hoping for a great year in general though, so here’s to making it this far, and still having a lifetime to live. *clink* – don’t worry, it’s sparkling cider. i don’t drink. nope. never. hi mom.

and to you, a happy new year! let’s do this.

x. L|V

twitter: @lawyervuitton

insta: @btehany



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