(good)bye 2016.

as this year comes to a close, i really want to reflect on it. i mean, i did come out somewhat alive, didn’t i?

so here we go, 2016 was awful, blah blah blah. yeah, i’ve said it, i’ll say it again, but i don’t really mean it completely. the start of my year was a bit on the downward side, as i was diagnosed with crohn’s disease and was unable to continue to attend the out-of-state university i was at solely because i wasn’t able to maintain a well-enough health. then my birthday came around (february 13th for those who *don’t* want to maybe get me something!) and i started working for a very nice luxury retailer. i loved working there, that’s half of what inspired my fashion sense as the year continued. alas, i left around june because i was starting summer classes (a business law class that i fell in love with), and wouldn’t be able to manage time well enough for their scheduling needs. as the summer progressed i was pretty busy with school, because once that semester ended, i started right up again in the fall.

somewhere  in between that, i met my (current) boyfriend, alex, who i fell head over heels for as time went on (and still continues to go on, for that matter). around the same period, i started working at a corporate law firm, which i loved. most never knew why i loved it either. i worked an 8-5pm job, then went to class from 6:30-9:40. but you know what? i would do it all over again if i could. now, i work for one of the best civil defense litigation firms in the west coast. i can’t explain to anyone why i love law so much and why i’m so passionate about it, and if anything, i hope that’s what i begin to portray as this blog grows more and more.

towards december, i learned a lot about myself and my abilities. i lost a lot of people i considered best friends, more for selfish reasons of my own than anything, and i matured a lot. i bought my first car completely by myself with no one else’s name on the lease, and i’ve started continually making the payments. being an adult has been the best thing, and i’m so much happier with how this year is ending than how it began, but it definitely was needed to teach me how to accept the struggles that i will ultimately face.

and now we get to tonight, new years eve of 2016, –i’m under my blanket, decorative christmas lights flashing on and off, just told my boyfriend good night as he’s an accountant and has an inventory tomorrow morning, — i started this blog because i got a bit of motivation from an old elementary friend i hadn’t talked to in years, who facebook messaged me, telling me how interesting i am to read about, and that i have a very personable tone that would be perfect for blogging. so $40, a custom domain, and a bit of HTML refreshing later, and you have my current position. thanks fred, for giving me that motivation. thanks 2016 for showing me that even 8 year old dreams really do come true, and though it’s not a fairy tale, i still have a glass slipper, the only difference is, this one is stepping into a deposition, not a ball. (but what’s the difference, am i right?)

x. L|V

twitter: @lawyervuitton

insta: @btehany



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